About us

Dr Amit Roy
Founder, CEO

Dr Amit Roy is a hydrogen energy specialist with business acumen to get stakeholder's buy-in through technical case studies on the entire value chains of hydrogen energy systems within a broader energy mix. Starting and growing own companies for the past 15 years, forming collaboration across Europe, Canada, USA, Brazil and India, Asia, and Africa, leading the teams to develop prototypes and all the way up to sales to demonstrate the viability of the product/ innovation, creating value, and readying the business for growth via sales, IP-licensing, trade sale and potentially IPO.  He has won grant funding for projects worth over £3.5 million into his companies.  Amit was a Member of the UK's Green Hydrogen Standards Committee appointed by the DECC-UK Gov, and the member of OMIL for gas metering and safety appointed by the BEIS- UK Govt.

Holds a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, MBA, M-Tech (Energy) & B-Tech in Civil Engineering.  Background in electrochemistry, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, gas compression & energy storage.  

Demonstrated 8.5MWh wind-solar H2 project and a H2 refuelling station in Loughborough-UK. Demonstrated solar hydrogen projects at Dunsfold Park, Surrey-UK. Demonstrated own biogas upgrading technology, bio-CNG vehicles refuelling and bio-CNG plants. 

Amit is also a Senior Lecturer at the School of Energy and the Course Leader of BEng/MEng programmes at the University of Portsmouth, UK. He is the founder and CEO of Engas UK Ltd (2014-ongoing) and Bio-CNG Ltd (2017 ongoing) working on biomethane upgrading, vehicle refuelling & CO2 capturing.  He was the founder/ CEO of RE Hydrogen in 2009 - 2017 working on hydrogen systems delivering many successful research programmes. He started at AFC Energy Plc from its inception (2006-2009) developing fuel cells as the Chief Scientist and Head of Fuel Cells, which has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2007. 

Dr Andrew Atkins 
Managing Director

Dr Andrew Atkins a visiting Professor at Loughborough University and Global Senior technologist at Ricardo. He has a background in building and developing low TRL concepts to products in all types of organisations, having worked on the early development of the Dearman Engine Company and built the concepts around cool combustion that have led to the Dolphin-N2 engine with Fiat Powertrain. 

He has a background in energy systems, water systems, transport systems and HV power grids, having developed a 132kV upgrade for 33kV wood pole furniture, superconductivity and cryogenics with Siemens and recently developed the concept for Ricardo around high temperature high power density low cost motors that is the Alumotor project. 

He is currently in Receipt of teaching grant from RAE to develop the Impact Factory at Brighton University, an innovative approach that draws together teaching, research and enterprise. He has, over the last 13yrs lead and delivered numerous diverse Innovate projects from flywheels, to HV battery  design and novel combustion with diverse fuels and worked with ERSRC teams to successful conclusion. 

He has also actively engaged in developing technologies to demonstrate economically attractive technologies for upcycling waste gaseous fuels and their storage recently finishing a collaborative research programme in Malaysia.

Dr Andrew Murphy 
Commercial Advisor

Dr Andrew Murphy has spent a decade in the hydrogen sector, both at Shell and as Founder of RHC IMZADI Consulting. 

Whilst at Shell, Andrew oversaw the company's involvement in development of the 'Bluebook' guidance allowing hydrogen refuelling station placement on UK forecourts, represented Shell in the London Hydrogen Network Expansion Project and the FCH-JU Urban Buses: Alternative Powertrains for Europe Study.

Andrew was involved in the company's strategic realignment that led to the placement of Shell's first UK hydrogen stations and acted as Business Opportunity Manager to Shell's Gamechanger and Shell Ventures groups, resulting in investment and Joint Ventures with third-party hydrogen technology companies. 

At RHC IMZADI, Andrew established Meridian and Contact Energy's Advisory Board for their New Zealand hydrogen mega project and jointly established the Papua New Guinea Hydrogen Association in which he currently sits as President. 

Andrew is advisor to companies in the hydrogen fuel cell and storage spaces, successfully helping the development of business models and inter-company partnering. Andrew currently sits as a Fund Advisor to Blue Vision Capital.

Shampi Roy
Director, Creative Product Designer

Shampi Roy is experienced in digital media creation to present a technical concept such as how hydrogen energy fits within the renewable energy sectors and hydrogen would be blended into households and into our day to day working life through simplified digital image, video or animation.  

This is to provide digitised customer experiences to adopt hydrogen energy and how to improve awareness on hydrogen- safety through infographics, and various digital media by working with the engineering team. 

Shampi has experience in digital media design, AutoCAD, Inventor, Fusion 360, Solidworks for product assembly design towards manufacturing,  and  2D and 3D animation, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Unity, Adobe Suite and various video editing tools to make Engas Global's product offerings user friendly whilst improving the aesthetics, acceptability and usefulness of the hydrogen energy solutions. Shampi has a degree in Accountancy (Hons). She also obtained her MSc in Digital Media Design from Edinburgh University. 

Bharat Thakrar
Financial adviser

Bharat Thakrar is a qualified accountant with significant experience in manufacturing, property, global shipping and, construction company. 

Earlier he worked as a Financial Controller in SHURflo, a $3.5 billion company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 

Bharat is advising Engas Global in all financial and compliance aspects.