About us

Engas Global Ltd is an electrolyser and hydrogen compressor company based in Horsham, West Sussex, UK. Engas Group has two companies Engas Global and Engas UK www.en-gas.co.uk.  Engas team have over 50 years collective experience on hydrogen production, compression, fuel cells for multi-modal applications from energy storage, refuelling of boat/vehicles and back up power.

Engas Global Ltd brings an ultra-low cost electrolyser, 350bar compressor refueller, whereas Engas UK Ltd brings a biogas upgrading and 250bar refuelling solution to convert raw biogas into transportable bio-CNG fuel. Engas Global Ltd has completed CMDC-1 Innovate UK project at Portsmouth International Port to produce hydrogen to power a boat. Engas Global is currently doing CMDC-3 Innovate UK project at Port of Blyth for retrofit a diesel-powered-boat to run on hydrogen. Engas Global is also working to create a localised hydrogen supply chain project in West Sussex funded by Innovate UK. 

Engas UK Ltd www.en-gas.co.uk has completed three separate Innovate-UK projects on biogas upgrading to bioCNG fuel fuel for vehicle refuelling and EV charging e.g. Energy Catalyst-4, Infrastructure Systems etc. This helped us to undertake commercially funded revenue project for off-grid EV charging powered by Bio CNG fuel. 

The Problems we solve at Engas Global

The capital cost of conventional electrolysers is very high and it contributes about 70-80% of the overall cost of hydrogen in small to medium scale (5kW-100kW scale) and up to 60-80% in 100kW-1MW scale. Therefore even if the input electricity is free, the cost of hydrogen would still be over £2/kg H2 due to the capital cost for a 1MW electrolyser running continuously for 10 years. But in reality renewable energy powered electrolysers would run for about 30% of the time of the year and often at part load rather than at its full capacity. Duo to this 1/3rd capacity utilisation, the cost of hydrogen due to its capital cost would tend to be around £6/kg H2, which is more than double than the equivalent price of diesel (taxed) in the UK. Therefore the capital cost of electrolysers needs to come down by 80% than current capital cost, that is what Engas Global is offering.

Engas business model is to sell hydrogen and oxygen. This unique approach is cheaper for customers as they only pay for hydrogen rather than the capital cost.
Engas Global system integration

High cost of pressurised electrolysers

Engas Global is bringing disruptive solution with our own electrolysers and hydrogen compressors to offer our customers green hydrogen at a much lower retail price than traditional gas suppliers on the market. The market price of conventional electrolysers are shown below.

£2000-£3000/kW for 1-30MW electrolysers requiring significant additional cost on infrastructure
£3000-£4000/kW for 100kW-1MW electrolysers which can have many distributed applications.
£4000-£7000/kW for 50-100kW although very useful for localised solution but prohibitive cost.
Engas Global Compressor

Lack of suitable hydrogen compressors

The lack of cost effective hydrogen compressors in small/medium scale influenced the electrolysers to be pressurised (10-20bars), which in turn increases the parts-counts of electrolysers adding a significant complexity. 
However hydrogen compressors will still be required to go well beyond 20bar up to 350-700bar.  This combination of 10bar pressurised stack and a 500bar compressor makes any small/medium scale hydrogen project unviable due to the individualised high costs.  

Engas Global resolved this problem by their own patented ultra low cost atmospheric electrolyser stack integrated with their unique hydrogen compressor offering the following features:

Atmospheric electrolyser being ultra low cost, more efficient, safer, reducing parts count by up to 90%.
A robust, silent hydrogen compresor for gas-compression, gas-scrubbing and gas-drying.
A significantly more reliable, long lasting, safer and easy to maintain and serviceable system.

Our hydrogen projects

Engas Global is currently undertaking several field demonstration projects with various industrial partners as shown below.
Engas electrolyser & refueller at Port of Blyth. Under a collaborative CMDC-3 project Engas Global is to refuel a H2 ship.

Engas Global is to refuel a hydrogen-ship at Port of Blyth

In this project called RESTORE (Retrofittable Propulsion System for Electric Vessels with Hydrogen Range Extender)  Engas Global will create shoreside infrastructure of green hydrogen production, compression and delivery of green hydrogen at 500bar to refuel a hydrogen ship operating between Port of Blyth and Offshore wind farms along with other consortium partners.  The RESTORE project will extend the operational range of CTVs (Crew transfer vessels) using hydrogen boosted propulsion to mitigate emissions at low cost.  Green maritime tech of the future to become reality thanks to £60 million boost - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk).  For more information refer to  Multi-year clean maritime demonstration competition - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) 

Biogas powered electrolyser, Steyning, West Sussex

Engas Global is creating localised green hydrogen supply chain in West Sussex, UK

Engas Global has installed its containerised electrolyser at a biogas CHP farm in Steyning, West Sussex to produce green hydrogen by operating the electrolyser 24/7 to increase the capacity utilisation factor of electrolysers.

Green H2 supply chain

Engas Global is brings modular electrolysers their own hydrogen compressor, smart hydrogen cylinders and up to 700bar hydrogen refueller.

Containerised plug and play hydrogen production, compression and storage solution

Engas electrolyser, hydrogen compressor and hydrogen storage cylinders being delivered at the Biogas CHP site in Steyning, West Sussex, UK.

Engas electrolyser is being transported

Transportable electrolyser

Engas Global's electrolyser is transportable plug and play containerised electrolyser and compressor system can be up and running within a few hours of being transported to a site.

SHAPE UK Project

Under the CMDC-1 project Engas Global has demonstrated its self contained electrolyser and 350bar hydrogen refueller at Portsmouth International Port.

Atmospheric electrolysers

Engas Global is bringing in Engas UK's new modular atmospheric electrolyser cells stacked up to 100kW/ stack. Multiples of 100kW stacks will be integrated up to 1MW scale electrolyser system fitted inside a 20 feet shipping container along with the balance of the plant for complete system integration. Engas Global is working towards setting up an assembly production line of up to to 35MW/year production capacity using these modular electrolysers. These electrolysers will be integrated with our high pressure compressor. Engas business model is to supply hydrogen and oxygen gas in pressurised cylinders or onsite generation as a service to the customers rather than selling the equipment.

Engas Global brings hydrogen storage cylinders

Engas has developed its own gas cylinders funded by Innovate UK for medium pressure gas storage which has been
used for several years for bioCNG storage and this is also suitable for hydrogen storage for medium pressure applications. Engas Global is bringing a complete hydrogen solution using their own products from electrolysers, hydrogen compressors and hydrogen storage cylinders for heating, back up power and refuelling applications.
Engas UK's light weight non-metallic cylinders
Low to medium pressure gas storage.
Engas Global system integration

System Integration

Engas Global team is highly experienced in balance of plant system integration of electrolyser stacks, electrical systems, mechanical systems, hydraulic systems including ventilation, cooling/heating, hydrogen safety and regulatory compliance. This picture shown here is our own design of system integration of electrolyser stack, hydrogen compression up to 137bar etc.

Engas hydrogen system at Portsmouth International Port, UK

In this project Engas Global installed a 35kW electrolyser, a 137bar intermediate pressure hydrogen compressor, 350
bar booster/refuelling compressor, hydrogen refuelling nozzles.  
Engas Global plug and play electrolyser, SHAPE UK
350bar hydrogen refueller, SHAPE UK project
25bar electrolyser stack

Electrolytic green hydrogen

Electrolysers will play a pivotal role to integrate more renewables with energy storage for heating and transport sectors. As more and more renewables are connected to the energy mix, there will be a widening mismatch of demand vs supply of electricity thus creating major opportunities for energy storage to reduce this gap. Surplus electricity will be stored into batteries and hydrogen in particular for bulk energy storage for longer duration. Hydrogen production powered by offshore wind farms for refuelling of ships, ferries and heavy goods vehicles or hybrid vehicles (battery+hydrogen fuel cells) brings a clear opportunity for hydrogen.

Shape UK- Seminar

Engas Global hydrogen system demonstration

Engas UK's disruptive innovations

Engas UK's electrolysers for H2 cooking

Atmospheric electrolyser

Engas is bringing in 1-3kW low pressure electrolysers for onsite hydrogen production integrated with a low pressure hydrogen storage tanks to potentially use for domestic-cooking eliminating the need for expensive LPG cylinders, or natural gas or firewood in many developing or developed countries. 

Clean cooking using hydrogen: This solar-hydrogen cooking has the potential to address the very significant clean cooking challenges that over 2 billion people faces in the Africa, Asia and South America.  

Engas UK's hydrogen compressor for home refuelling

Hydrogen compressor

This Innovate UK funded unique hydrogen compressor capable of scrubbing KOH from hydrogen and then drying hydrogen alongside compressing in a single step whilst operating at close to 98% volumetric efficiency unlike any piston/diaphragm, centrifugal, screw, rotary type compressors. This will be a single phase low power, high pressure hydrogen compressor enabling home hydrogen refuelling combined with our smaller modular electrolysers producing up to 1kg hydrogen/day which is equivalent to drive up to 100-150 miles/kg hydrogen using a suitable fuel cell car.

Hydrogen fuel-cells, ICE & gas boilers

Engas Global is collaborating with various companies to use  hydrogen internal combustion Engines (H2 ICE) and hydrogen fuel cells.  


Engas Global is working towards serving the following sectors:

1. Supplying green hydrogen and oxygen produced by an existing electrolysers to the market.

2. Onsite production of hydrogen and oxygen by its own electrolysers to add further capacity the existing one.

Engas Global hydrogen basic safety awareness video

The following Engas Global production is intended for basic awareness on hydrogen energy systems, costing and safety. Please contact us for more detail information if you have any queries. 

Hydrogen in comparison with other fuels

Hydrogen has the highest specific energy density (kWh/kg) than any other fuel apart from nuclear fuel. But hydrogen has very low volumetric energy density (kWh/lt), than most liquid and gaseous fuels. Therefore hydrogen needs to be compressed to increase its volumetric energy density. 
  • For every 1kg hydrogen produced, 7.8kg oxygen is also produced as a free by-product.
  • A typical electrolyser takes about 50-60kWh electricity and 11.2litre de-ionised water to produce 1 kg hydrogen and 7.8kg oxygen.
  • The electrolyser operates at about 70-80% electrical efficiency depending current density.
  • Large electrolysers can also generate heat via a heat exchanger as 10-20% of its rated electrical capacity.
  • 1kg hydrogen is equivalent to about 3.78litre of diesel on energy content basis.
A comparison chart between hydrogen, natural gas and LPG is also provided below (first chart). Another chart (right hand side) comparing different hydrogen storage systems each with 1 kWh of stored energy for 8h of operation is shown below.