Engas Global consortium to retrofit diesel CTVs to run on hydrogen.

Engas Global Ltd is creating the shore side infrastructure for hydrogen production and refuelling using their containerised, modular 50-100kW electrolyser and 500bar hydrogen compressor to refill on board hydrogen cylinders as a range extender of onboard electric battery capacity.

Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition-3

Green maritime tech of the future to become reality thanks to £60 million boost - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

In this project RESTORE (Retrofittable Propulsion System for Electric Vessels with Hydrogen Range Extender) under the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition -3 the consortium partners will develop, test and deploy an innovative propulsion unit using a combined battery and hydrogen internal combustion engine on a Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) between the Port of Blyth and an offshore windfarm. The project will extend the operational CTV's range using scalable powering and propulsion technologies to mitigate emissions at low cost.

Dr Amit Roy, the founder and CEO of Engas Global said, “This project RESTORE, will help to deploy novel solutions for real world applications. Steep reduction in capital cost of electrolysers and hydrogen compressors is vital to reduce the high sensitivity of CAPEX (capital expenditure) on the cost of green hydrogen. Engas Global brings a low cost patented atmospheric electrolyser integrated with their own high pressure hydrogen compressor."

Dr Roy expanded it further by saying, "There is a need for modular, electrolysers for localised green hydrogen production by converting stranded/surplus electricity at many farms for localised usages and  eliminating the need for long distance transportation of hydrogen."

A hydrogen engine from Cage Technologies will recharge on board lithium-ion batteries from AceOn Group as a range extender for the CTV. Liverpool John Moore University and the University of Newcastle bring their expertise on naval architecture, ship design and retrofitting of new components. The retrofitting work will be implemented by Taurus Engineering on an existing CTV called Princess Royal of Newcastle University, using their decades long ship building expertise. The Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult contributes with their market intelligence of the maritime sector and the operational aspects of offshore wind farms.

RESTORE Project (CMDC-3) Partners

Engas Global consortium to create a localised hydrogen supply chain in West Sussex

The electrolyser will be powered by the surplus electricity from a biogas CHP plant at a farm in Steyning, West Sussex to produce green hydrogen to fill into cylinders to supply locally to various end users.  Engas Global is working with the following partners in this project. This project has started  in December 2023 for the next 18th month. Two cylinder bundle as shown
here has the capacity to store 42kg hydrogen at 300bar pressure.  Engas is going to increase this capacity to over 250kg hydrogen storage soon.

DB Agri Ltd
Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult
Cox Powertrain Ltd

Engas Global Signed MOU with Social Alpha in India
London 25th July 2023

Engas Global Ltd (www.en-gas.com) is expanding into the Indian market by establishing its presence at Social Alpha’s Energy Lab called the ‘Clean Energy International Incubation Center (or CEIIC)’ a joint initiative of the Government of India (GoI) and Tata Trusts, and supported by Department of Biotechnology, BIRAC, Tata Power and Tata Power – DDL in Delhi.

 Through its incubation at the Clean Energy International Incubation Centre (CEIIC), Social Alpha, Engas Global plans to bring its innovative product portfolio of electrolysers for green hydrogen production, hydrogen compressor and biogas upgrading technologies to the Indian market.

 Engas Global is looking to manufacture components for their products in India to supply to international markets and to support high-value manufacturing in the UK.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVvaJD8eFr4 

 The Founder and CEO of Engas Global Ltd, Dr Amitava Roy, demonstrated the bio-CNG refuelling plant in Kolkata-India under the DSIR programme earlier. “India plays a strategic role in creating a manufacturing hub of Engas Global products for exporting to the international markets, and this MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) signed with Social Alpha will help Engas Global to accelerate the commercialisation of its innovative products in the Indian Market,” said Dr Roy.

 Founded in 2016, Social Alpha is a multistage innovation curation, and venture development platform focused on addressing the most critical social, economic, and environmental challenges. With its deep community engagement, partnerships, and ecosystem leadership, Social Alpha has evolved into a societal platform for promoting high-impact innovations to fight poverty, disease and climate change. Social Alpha searches for innovators willing to take the entrepreneurial risk and supports them as they build compelling solutions to address India’s intractable development sector challenges. Since its inception in 2016, Social Alpha has built over ten innovation platforms, managed 30+ accelerators, and nurtured more than 200 start-ups. Engas Global and Social Alpha look forward to this fulfilling collaboration.

 For more information please contact: Dr Amitava Roy, aroy@en-gas.com, 0044-7426904789, www.en-gas.com

Containerised Products of Engas 

Electrolyser and 350bar H2  vehicle refueller

Biogas upgrader & 250bar bio-CNG vehicle refueller

Plug and play mobile electrolyser and H2 refueller

Engas Global visiting Australia under the Innovate UK Edge GBIP programme.                                                   London 21st July 2023

Engas Global www.en-gas.com has been selected under the Global Business Innovation Programme of the Innovate UK delivered by Innovate UK Edge https://www.innovateukedge.ukri.org/gbip to visit Australia to meet new customers and forming collaborations. We will be visiting the Connecting Green Hydrogen APAC 2023 Conference in Melbourne, during 25th-26th of July. https://www.apac.gh2events.com/

Engas Global is introducing its patented, 90% lower cost electrolyser, integrated with our own high-pressure hydrogen compressor, capable of gas-scrubbing-drying and compression at close to 98% volumetric efficiency. We manufacture our own electrolysers and hydrogen compressors, and we also undertake installation, operation, and servicing of our products. 

 Our business model is to own, operate plants, and sell hydrogen and oxygen gases, against a gas purchase agreement to help customers to deploy hydrogen equipment faster.

We are interested in setting up a company in Australia to assemble our electrolysers and compressors locally to participate in local projects in the back-up-power, agri-fuel, or marine-fuel sectors.

We are looking to collaborate with solar PV project developers, agricultural farms, EV charging infrastructure companies, gas-electricity companies, construction, mining sector companies to help us expand into the Australian market.

For more information please contact: Dr Amitava Roy, aroy@en-gas.com, Ph: 0044-7426904789, www.en-gas.com