Selling gas and renting equipment

Engas Business model is to sell gases and renting/leasing out equipment. Engas would retain ownership of their equipment/ assets.

This offers a cheaper options for customers to use our equipment at a much lower rental cost than the outright purchase cost.

Engas Global offers containerised 350bar electrolyser and hydrogen compressor for refuelling of vehicles and hydrogen powered boats.

Electrolyser to use the surplus green electricity generated Biogas CHP at a farm in West Sussex to produce green hydrogen. Two cylinder bundle as shown
here has the capacity to store 42kg hydrogen at 300bar pressure.  Engas is going to increase this capacity to over 250kg soon.

The picture below (Bio-CNG Plant) is the unique compressor that can purify raw biogas into green biomethane stored at up to 250bar in cylinders storing about 300kWh energy (HHV) which can be used for refuelling of tractors/vehicles and other applications to displace diesel gensets.

Engas Global Products

Engas Global is offering a modular 'stack-only based' atmospheric electrolyser integrated with their gas cleaning & drying compressor. This will enable localised production and storage of hydrogen and oxygen at low cost by utilising the cheaper or stranded electricity via smart grid balancing or using surplus electricity from solar PV panels.

Green hydrogen could be used in fuel cell CHPs, hydrogen ICEs (internal combustion engines), hydrogen boilers and hydrogen cookers. Oxygen also can be used as a free by-product to improve the ambient air quality in confined spaces (offices/ homes) and for faster composting of bio-waste in farms, for waste-water treatment (BOD removal), metal processing furnaces, kilns (bricks, cements), and welding industries (metal, glass or plastic making).

Engas Global compressor

The following picture shows the core compression technology that Engas Global is licensing and adapting it for hydrogen compression. This technology has been proven and commercialised for biogas upgrading and CO2 capturing and will now be adapted to scrub KOH from the electrolysers.

Engas Global Compressor